In our fourth installment of This Week in CBD, we take a look at some of the recent news surrounding the CBD and hemp industry.

We’ll also review some recent stories covering the latest developments in the CBD health and wellness arena.


CBD Industry News

As Sephora Puts CBD Products in Stores for First Time, What to Know About the Wellness Trend

The CBD topical market is taking off. And as the market grows, major retailers like Sephora are getting in on the action. Sephora’s first brand of CBD products is from the husband and wife owned Lord Jones brand.

The Consumer Potential of CBD, and Why it’s Here to Stay

Check out this article for a very cool visual representation of the current CBD market, as well as a look at where the CBD industry might be heading in the near future.

Will Anyone Fund Texas’ Hemp Industry? Entrepreneurs Struggling to Launch

The state of Texas is one of the biggest potential markets for hemp and CBD products in the country. But due to legal hurdles and hesitation on the part of investors, hemp entrepreneurs in Texas are struggling for financial backing.

CBD Health and Wellness News

A Cure for Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Depression? FDA Smacks Down Wild CBD Claims

While CBD and hemp-based products undoubtedly have the potential to help with certain medical conditions, the science has yet to catch up to the hype. And the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is cracking down on businesses seeking to profit from unfounded medical claims about cannabidiol.

UFC Teams with Aurora Cannabis on CBD Study in Fighters

In an effort to develop new CBD products for athletes, Aurora Cannabis is teaming up with the UFC to study the effects of CBD. The new study will focus on whether CBD may help athletes manage pain and inflammation related to injury.

The CBD Certification Course

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