Michael L.

“As a retail seller of CBD products the course provided an informative overview of CBD. The benefits and uses were expressed clearly and in a well organized fashion.”

Jake T.

“I am so glad I received this certification, it has made me much better at my job and provided me with real credibility.”

Elizabeth C.

“The author did a very good job of of explaining the endocannabinoid system and how CBD may help so many diseases. I have a much better understanding of how CBD works in our body. This is going to really help me in my work.”

Wendy E.

“This course was very beneficial and allowed me to learn and digest information regarding CBD and the endocannabinoid system very well. This is going to help me in my sales so much. Thank you!”

James R.

“I’m a holistic nutritionist and we had a study of CBD, so a little of this was a refresher for me.  Some of it was new and very interesting to add to my tool box. The process was logically adept and was filled with tidbits of pertinent information...