Every player in sports today experiences different degrees of pain, inflammation, anxiety, and many more health concerns. To keep up in this high-pressure and competitive world of sports, athletes’ physical health is constantly being pushed to the limit. That being said, we have to allow our bodies to heal after testing its strengths at the gym. We actually did a post on CBD for recovery a while back. Check that out for more information! Evidently, many athletes have turned to CBD to heal their physical and mental health!

Some of the biggest advocates of CBD are professional athletes. Just ask football legend Terrell Davis. In the CNBC show, “The Exchange”, he said that after years of playing in the NFL, his body has seen better days and nothing helped, until cannabidiol helped with his joint and migraine pain.

CBD has been known to have huge therapeutic effects on common ailments such as: pain, anxiety, and insomnia. It makes sense that athletes would turn to CBD. CBD or Cannabidiol has been a “hot” topic for some time now and take a look at what it claims to do! Relieving pain and inflammation sounds like a dream after a good workout, or even a bad one. So, it comes as no surprise that athletes are benefiting from this compound.

CBD Business and Athlete Founders:

As mentioned previously, some of the biggest proponents of CBD are professional athletes, but they don’t just use CBD, many start CBD companies. After experiencing the amazing effects of cannabidiol for themselves, they decide to start their own lines of CBD products that will help other athletes find their reliefs.

A lot of people opt for CBD instead of over the counter medications or even prescription drugs. This is because they are afraid of the side effects and/or the potential of addiction that may come with these medications. People consider CBD as safe mostly because the compound has never been reported as an addictive substance.

There are many athletes who believe in the power of CBD. Not only for their physical health but also to relieve the anxiety that constantly comes with the game. For athletes, their bodies are their entire livelihoods and therefore making sure that it is in its best shape is key in their business.

CBD, as previously said, has not been clinically proven for effectiveness and safety yet, but it is something that is worth looking into. It provides a more traditional alternative to prescription meds.

The CBD Certification Course

In the span of a few short years, CBD has become incredibly popular as a natural alternative for chronic health conditions, such as pain, stress and anxiety, and sleep issues.

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