A Great Tool
One of the greatest tools a sales person has in the repertoire is knowledge; knowledge of what they are selling. Did you ever wonder why business owners seem to be natural sales people? The one things almost all of them have is a deep, working knowledge of their products. They know back and forth, they have a passion for them, they live and breathe them. 
That What and The How
Now do you need to live and breathe cannabis or hemp? Not quite, and definitely not literally. It doesn’t hurt though. But what you can do is know the all the details of what your product can do for your customer and how it does it. You can say the “what”, “this will help you sleep.” But you can’t convince anyone without the “how”.  “CBD/Cannabis is effective for helping sleep by relieving anxiety, reducing pain through its strong anti-inflammatory  properties, and calm your body through his activation and balancing of your endocannabinoid system which runs throughout your entire body.”
Know Your Audience
Good CBD/cannabis education gives you a well-rounded knowledge of the all the benefits and mechanisms of action for any potential customer. You aren’t a one-trick pony that have a good minute engaging material. You can talk as long as needed on all the intricacies of CBD/cannabis. It doesn’t matter what the customer is trying to treat with your product. Armed with all-around knowledge of everything your product can treat and how, you will be tremendously more effective at selling your product by having a working knowledge of how your product treats anything the customer is looking for. 
Knowledge is Convincing
Have you ever been to a store and asked a sales person to explain to you the difference between different products? 
You: Which pair of these headphones would you recommend. 
Sales Rep: Pair A are decent and people seem to like them. Pair B is a big seller and we haven’t any complaints. Pair C are manufactured in a cutting-edge lab. They use the highest quality products and materials. The bass response covers an extremely wide range of wave lengths. The highs are crisp because they use the latest tweeter technology and they are ergonomically design for comfort. 
Which ones would you choose? I don’t know if that made sense, I don’t really know headphones. I guess I should have picked something else. But you get the point. The more the sales rep can explain about the product, the more interested the customer is. If you can explain in depth what the customer needs to make a decision, you make the decision very easy for them.
Let’s Sum It Up
Education is how you gain the working knowledge that you need to be an effective sales rep. The more you know about your product, the more you sell. The more you sell, the more you make and the more people that are getting the benefits of CBD or cannabis. Keep selling!
The CBD Certification Course

In the span of a few short years, CBD has become incredibly popular as a natural alternative for chronic health conditions, such as pain, stress and anxiety, and sleep issues. And whether you are an industry professional, distributor, or a consumer looking to learn more about the pros and cons of CBD, our CBD Certification Course was developed to provide a detailed overview of the latest research and developments related to CBD and the endocannabinoid system. Learn more about the CBD Course, and be sure to check out our generous group rates for teams of 3 or more!