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We now offer 2nd level commissions! Get 10% commission off sales of all the affiliates that you refer. If an affiliate that you brought in generates a $200 sale, they get $40 and YOU get $20. Have as many affiliates under you as you want!

How We Can Help You Earn More Commissions

Unique Coupon Codes

We can set you up with unique coupon codes for your referrals for anywhere from 10% to 50% off. These codes would be specifically for you so that whenever the code is used you will receive credit for the sale. You do not need to use a referral link for this method, as the coupon code I linked only to you.The larger the coupon, the shorter amount of time we can run it, but our lower percentage coupons can run for a week or more.


Add A Video

Attract more buyers with video. We have several promos for our site that you can embed anywhere on the web. We also have full course modules that we are willing to show to the public so they can get a sample of the course. If you would like to embed any of these videos somewhere (your own site, social media), we can assist you in doing that. There is also instructions on our site at The stats are overwhelming on how much more effective referrals are when they use a video.


Own Your Own Business?

If you own or manage a CBD or Cannabis business, you can register your URL with us and add a link to our site on your site. Any purchase lead that comes from your registered domain will automatically provide you with the commission. You can also embed a video (promo or sample module) along with the link, which drastically improves referrals. You don’t need to use your referral link when you do this. You can combine this with a unique coupon code that we’ll provide to you for your referrals to use. (exp. HEALTHY-CBD-SHOP-30%OFF).
There are other ways that we can help you increase your commissions. We love to work with you be more successful. Please feel free to reach out to us to see what we can do to help you